Why the blog?

I figured with the NSA scandal brought on by Glen Greenwald’s Edward Snowden hiding out in Hong Kong story, it was only appropriate that I started a blog to “get on top” of all the information data mined on me so far.* I do not have facebook, after all, so I may lag behind quite a bit on my dossier. Therefore, I need to get in there and add things! (I am only being half facetious.)

*I see this surveillance story as impacting human behavior the same way having the “documentary” crew impacted the behavior of the people in the sitcom(s) The Office. Greg Daniels talked about this, how the presence of the cameras make the people say and do things in ways that they would not if they didn’t know they were being recorded. This is especially evident if you compare behavior in the US version of the show with how they behave on camera and when they are filmed from afar and think they aren’t recorded. There’s obviously much more to this issue, and I don’t mean to trivialize, but my point is that being cognizant of our exteralities colors our behavior, and perhaps more importantly (especially in this context) our words.


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